Five low Princess Wedding Dresses cost ways to get the word out fast Do you want to get the word out fast?Whether you are planning a special event, a teleseminar, or just want to tell people about your new book or product, you want as many people as possible to find out about it, and as quickly as possible.Read on for some online methods to get the word out for little or no cost. Online press releases are the key to fast publicity.Your news does not have to be momentous to qualify for a press Cheap Flower Girl Dresses release, though you do have to have a news angle.An event is a news angle, but the more it fits in with something else in the current news, the better. As well, you can even send out press releases for free.There are dozens that offer that service, though see results about Prom Dresses UK most of them try to upgrade you to paid status.The free sites work best if you send your press release to at least a dozen of different ones. 2.Tweet your news(With an incentive) If you have a lot of twitter followers, you can also get great results by tweeting your news.This works best if you create a gift that you offer your followers in exchange for checking out your news.Either that, or send them to a compelling article that gives them some real value in addition to your news. The reason for the incentive is that it will inspire your followers to retweet your tweets, which will help spread the news far beyond the reaches of your own followers. Set up a facebook fan page for your business or your newly launched line of products or services, or big event.Then work at gather friends.This has to be done in advance, just as you have to build up your following on twitter in advance. Then, a couple of weeks before your event or launch, start sending out notices about it, with pieces of valuable information, or maybe the same incentive you offered on twitter. You can also promote your events on linkedin.That a great way to build your visibility within the linkedin community.Especially when you offer services to businesses or professionals, this will help you get qualified visitors to your website and event.When you post an event all your contact will get a notice which makes it easy for them to share the news to their contacts with just one click. There are more social networks beyond the top three above.Like biznik and ryze.Ryze is a particularly friendly one focused primarily though not exclusively on women.There are many different networks within ryze, and you can join as many as you like. Of course there are even more places where you can get the word out, starting with your own blog, and with publishing articles. For best results, start with online press releases, and then work on social media building up your twitter followers and facebook fan base, and get involved in linkedin, biznik and ryze or other networks of your choice.When you do that, you soon have lots of people you can contact once you ready to announce your news. And if you want to get even better at connecting with prospects at networking meetings, join sue clement at her upcoming free webinar on effective networking. Last 5 articles added by sue clement3 reasons why business owners struggle with getting enough clients december 10th, 2012key reasons why your marketing isn't working.Read our full terms of service. About sue clement Sue clement stands for expedited business success.Having built a local business into a multimillion dollar enterprise, sue is an expert in marketing, sales, and customer service. As a certified business coach since 2000, she currently works with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and small business owners and helps them build powerful networks to leverage their business success.Ask for a complimentary consultation to explore how sue's programs can increase your sales and expedite your success!